Health Care Lecture Circuit [Guest Post]

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Health Care Lecture Circuit [Guest Post]

Nov 01, 2010

Posted by Kristin Oberlander - The following post is from our Senior Health Advisor, Mike Beene. Like many of us here, Mike wears many hats, as he is also the NASE's chief council. Here are his comments from a recent speaking engagement before some self-employed members in the mulch and soil field:

On Health Care And The Self-Employed, By Mike Beene

        The subject: Health care reform

        The setting: The Mulch and Soil Council annual meeting

        The engaged audience: The national membership of the Mulch and Soil Council

Nothing is more energizing than speaking to a large, engaged audience. Better still, make the subject one that deals with one-sixth of our economy and affects us all.

So, everybody has a mulch joke that they wanted me to tell, but this audience was here to seriously learn a six-month subject in an hour. Audiences like this one give me hope for our country, and together we made great strides.

My hopeful take-away for this fine organization that sets the standards and educates this large, prosperous industry: No matter if you are for or against health care reform, it is crucial to understand both its general effect on the country and its effect on your business. Neither side, Republicans or Democrats, is happy with the law where it stands. There will be debates and changes long after today. Stay educated and stay involved. Never forget the responsibilities that come with our right to debate and vote.

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