Budget Showdown In Congress

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Budget Showdown In Congress

Feb 16, 2011

Posted by Kristin Oberlander - This week, President Obama released his FY 2012 budget, but Congress has its eye on extending the 2011 CR (Continuing Resolution), set to expire in March. Last year, Congress was unable to agree on a FY 2011 budget, so we are currently running on a temporary one through March 4th (the CR).

Last week, House Republicans released their version of the CR that would cut around $60 billion from the budget. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) attempted to put forth an amendment earlier this week that would strip the health care law of funding in its entirety, however, House rules do not allow lawmakers to alter spending bills in that manner. The Republican cuts that were approved went to certain new programs created under the health care law, such as community health centers, as well as a denial for spending increases for current agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency.

The House-version of the CR, with its new amendments is not set to reach the Senate until the week of Feb. 28th. At that point, the legislative body will offer its own language and volley back to the House for further consideration. The Congress will probably pass a CR that lasts for a few weeks before an agreement can be reached on a longer term CR, which would fund the government through September.

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