Tell Your Story

Your Opportunity to speak out on a number of topics such as healthcare, technology and taxes.

The National Association for the Self-Employed realizes that the most important aspect of advocating on behalf of the self-employed is listening to the true-life experiences of self-employed individuals like you. Therefore, the NASE has developed this area of the Legislative Action Center to allow you to tell us your micro-business story.

Regulatory Affairs - The Regulatory Burden on Micro-Businesses

Aug 07, 2009
The NASE is working hard to alleviate the burden of onerous federal regulations on the self-employed and micro-business owners. Please tell your story about how federal and state regulations affect your business. What regulations affecting your business are the most burdensome? Has there been a significant monetary cost to your business due to regulatory compliance issues?

Tell Your Story

Your stories bring reality to our efforts with lawmakers – they allow us to convince with more than just theories and statistics. Submit your real-life experiences and concerns online so we know what is most important to you, and have the details to back it up.

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