NASE Urges Members to Call Elected Officials to Support S. 2050 and H.R. 6102


NASE Urges Members to Call Elected Officials to Support S. 2050 and H.R. 6102

The NASE in conjunction with #TheSelfEmployedMatter Twitter campaign is encouraging its members to contact their U.S. Senators and urge them to support S. 2050 and their Member of Congress and urge them to co-sponsor H.R. 6102.  

S. 2050 calls for a two-year extension of the self-employed health insurance deduction.

H.R. 6102 makes permanent the health insurance deduction, along with seven other key provisions.  

Please find a recommended script for your phone calls below:

Contact Your Your Elected Officials on S. 2050 and H.R. 6102


Urge Your Elected Officials to Support Equity for the Nation’s Self-Employed

Bills in the Senate and the House Provide the Self-Employed a Business Deduction of Health Insurance Costs

The NASE needs your help! We are urging Congress to pass legislation to allow you - the self-employed - to receive a full business deduction for your health coverage costs.  If you are sole-proprietor, you are unable to deduct your health care costs as a business expense and thus, pay more in self-employment taxes (i.e. FICA taxes) than all other businesses.  In 2010 a one-year temporary deduction was passed into law providing you bottom-line savings on your 2010 tax return.

We are fighting to make this tax benefit permanent for you!  Help us by reaching out to your legislators.  Here's how:

To Contact by Phone:  

This is the most effective way for your elected officials (two Senators and one Representative) and his/her staff to hear your concerns. When calling your elected officials office, a staff person will speak with you and take note of your comments and concerns. Staff hears from constituents all the time so don't hesitate to call the office, but please remember to be respectful of their time. Please find below a phone script that may help you with your call. Sharing how this proposal will affect you and your business is most useful to your elected officials and their staff. 

We encourage you to call the Washington, D.C., office of your two Senators and one Representative since that is where policy staff resides. 

The contact information for their offices can be found at the following Web site:   /YourVoiceInDC/LegislativeActCntr.aspx

Remember: Be Polite, Be Clear and Be Brief!

Suggested Phone Script:

I am _______________________________ a self-employed business owner from 
________________ ,  ___________.  
I am calling because I would like to urge you to support:

[When calling your two elected Senators, ask them to support S.2050]

[When calling your elected Representative, ask him/her to support H.R. 6102 and H.R. 880]

Because I am a sole-proprietor, I am unable to deduct my health care costs as a business expense leaving me to pay more in taxes than any other business.  All other business entities get this benefit.  This extra tax is negatively affecting my business and my ability to afford health coverage in the following ways __________________________.

Please tell my Member of Congress that this legislation is important to me and my business.

To Contact by E-mail or Letter:

Please visit the NASE's Legislative Action Center to send an e-mail or letter to your elected officials on this issue.  

Web site:  /YourVoiceInDC/LegislativeActCntr.aspx

For more information or assistance with contacting your elected officials, please contact the NASE Legislative office via e-mail at

Thank you for your help!

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