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Since its beginning in 1981, the National Association for the Self- Employed has pioneered support for micro-businesses and the selfemployed, while helping to define this important part of the American economy.

Part of that commitment means providing educational tools to help your micro-business grow. Through how-to articles, Q and A’s with experts and benchmarking research, the NASE can help.

When I first started my business I didn’t know where to turn. TaxTalk was one of the resources I accessed at the time. There are so many benefits to being an NASE Member, and so many more good resources to utilize than I realized before becoming a member.
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Zane Homesley, Goshawk Environmental Consulting Inc.
Joined in 2005
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Catch up with the latest issues of our SelfInformed and Washington Watch e-newsletters, comb through the archives of our award-winning Self-Employed magazine, and get the information you need from Startup Kit and other in-depth business guides.

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Tax Experts
Get fast, knowledgeable answers to your tax questions from the CPAs at NASE TaxTalk, your online resource for tax advice.

Business Strategy Experts
Free online help answering small business questions for NASE Members.

Business Law Experts
Understanding contracts and complex legal issues for the self-employed.

Marketing Experts
Get tips and advice to help grow your business!

Accounting Experts
Unlimited accounting and financial guidance for the self-employed.

Health Reform Experts
Help understanding changes to our health care system.


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