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The NASE is spreading the word about issues important to the self-employed and micro-business owners. Watch and listen to television and radio appearances, and read articles featuring or written by NASE staff and experts. 

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Access micro-business statistics, as well as information on governance, outreach, research and our media experts.

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Latest news from the NASE.

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Whether it’s a store owner on Main Street or one of our subject experts, NASE will make connections for your interview.

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The NASE can offer the unique micro-business perspective on economic and business trends as well as legislation affecting the self-employed.

Media Connection

Want to know how the proposed new law is playing with a shopkeeper in Main Street? Need statistics and trends, or a subject expert to round out your article? We can provide data you need and put you in touch with a micro-business expert to get their perspective on economic and business trends, as well as small business legislation affecting the self-employed.

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