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Deducting Dues

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Q: I'm working on my taxes, and I wonder this every year but forget to ask; can I deduct the cost of my NASE membership dues?

A: You can deduct membership dues for business associations like the NASE on your Schedule C as a business expense.  However, keep in mind that any amount of those dues that is used by the association to pay for lobbying efforts is not deductible.  For example, the NASE has determined that $7 of each member's annual dues goes toward lobbying.  To deduct your membership cost, total up your dues payments for the year, and then subtract $7 from that total.  You can put that new amount on line 27, "Other Expenses," and also be sure to add a detail entry on line 48, Part V for business association dues. 


  1. 13 Alexandra 28 Sep
    I have joined the nase recently and delighted that I joined. Being a member can get us multiple benefits, it is a pleasure being in the community.
  2. 12 Chris Harries 02 Nov
    You can deduct participation contribution for business affiliations like the NASE on your Schedule C as a cost of doing business. In any case, remember that any measure of those levy that is utilized by the relationship to pay for campaigning endeavors is not deductible. 
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  5. 9 Steven Angelina 09 Aug
    To deduct your membership cost, total up your dues payments for the year, and then subtract $7 from that total.  
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