June 2011

  • Could Changing Your Company’s Name Boost Your Business?

    Jun 06, 2011

    Small Business Legal Services was a name that said it all, but maybe too much. The problem: Many companies on the larger end of the small-business spectrum didn’t classify themselves as small at all.

  • School’s Out!

    Jun 06, 2011

    It’s the big challenge every summer for self-employed parents who work from home: How to keep the kids busy during those hot, school-less days...and run a business at the same time.

  • Micro-Business Owners Concerned About Federal Deficit

    Jun 06, 2011

    The federal government recently announced that it has reached the debt ceiling and has shuffled funds to meet the nation’s financial commitments. Meanwhile, micro-businesses and the self-employed believe that spending for domestic programs, job creation initiatives, tax cuts and federal subsidies should be scaled back to address the deficit, according to a recent survey by the NASE

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