December 2012

  • How To Choose The Best Smartphone For Your Small Business

    Dec 03, 2012

    Don’t have a smartphone? You’re not alone. Fifty-six percent of mobile phone users in this country don’t either, according to the research firm eMarketer. But if you’re thinking of switching to a phone with more tools that could help you work more efficiently, you have some decisions to make.

  • Ask The Experts: Health Reimbursement Arrangement

    Dec 03, 2012

    Q: My wife has a small janitorial business with three part-time employees. The only benefit offered is a health reimbursement arrangement for one of her employees (I am that employee). We are currently bidding on our first large contract, which will require a full-time employee. What benefits are we required to provide to this full-time employee?

  • Member Spotlight: The Entertainer

    Dec 03, 2012

    Dave Tapley has been an NASE Member since 2000. He owns Tapley Entertainment Inc. in Highland Village, Texas.

  • 2012 Election: The Results Are In!

    Dec 03, 2012

    President Obama sailed to re-election in November, winning all but two of the states he carried in 2008. Little will change when the 113th Congress is sworn in on Jan. 9, 2013. The Senate will be controlled by the Democrats and the House of Representatives by the Republicans. The critical issues facing the country and America’s self-employed remain, with tax reform being of the utmost importance to ensuring continued economic recovery.