July 2013

  • Letting Go

    Jul 02, 2013

    SMART. FOCUSED. CREATIVE. DRIVEN. MULTI-DIMENSIONAL. CONTROL-FREAK? These are the qualities that make a great entrepreneur, but are also the qualities that can get in the way of growing a business. Most small-business owners start out as, and often continue to be, one-person operations.

  • Ask The Experts: Hiring Your Child

    Jul 02, 2013

    Q: I remember reading an article in your magazine a few years ago that said something like if you pay your 15-year-old child $500 per month until they are 21 years old and they save the money in an account, it would be worth over a million dollars when they turned 50. Can you clarify the specifics of this for me?

  • Member Spotlight: Perfect Partners

    Jul 02, 2013

    Suspension Experts is the go-to destination for suspension system repair, tuning, and sales for mountain bikers; a service partner for bike shops; and a trusted associate for bike manufacturers. Kevin and I founded the business together in 2005 based on Kevin’s 20 years of experience as a mountain bike rider, racer, and bicycle industry rep. We make it our business to understand the complexity of each manufacturer’s suspension system, and how to achieve the best results for each rider. That intimate knowledge led has led our team of five to develop and manufacture custom tools and procedures that let us give customers the best service possible.

  • Health Care Exchange Details Trickling Out

    Jul 01, 2013

    California, home to the largest state-operated individual health care exchange, recently announced premium rates for 2014. Thirteen insurers will offer a wide range of plans in four categories: platinum, gold, silver, and bronze, for the anticipated 5.3 million Californians who will enroll in the exchange market.

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