December 2016

  • Starting Off Your New Year Right

    Dec 20, 2016

    As 2016 draws to a close and the New Year stretches out ahead with so much promise, many small business owners and self-employed people wonder, how can I make next year more successful than the last? Many of us have checklists and calendars we go through, there are past-year audits that are recommended, some even advocate a good old fashioned scrubbing and cleaning to promote clarity and a fresh start! While each of those methods have their merits, creating an actionable plan for success in the upcoming year can be a daunting task. As such, many people make it too large of an endeavor and don’t know where to begin. This year, I suggest you condense your end-of-year audit and future planning into one activity, borrowed from the Agile software development world, called a retrospective.

  • 3 Ways Text Messages Help Improve HR Communications

    Dec 20, 2016

    If you’re able to effectively communicate with your employees, you’ll be able to provide them important information when it’s necessary and you’ll have the opportunity to build a strong relationship with them.

  • Picture Yourself in the Spotlight

    Dec 20, 2016

    Do you want free publicity for your business? If you're an NASE Member, the NASE can help you promote your business! Simply fill out our "Get Publicity!" form here, and you and your business could be featured in an NASE publication, like our monthly member e-newsletter, SelfInformed.

  • VICTORY! President Obama Signs Into Law Legislation that Allows for HRAs

    Dec 20, 2016

    The language which was identical to previous legislation approved by the House of Representatives was inserted into the 21st Century Cares Act, a sweeping piece of legislation that funded important health programs and includes significant resources to the Beau Biden “moonshot” project- with a goal of curing cancer. The tack on of our legislation is a testament to the hard work done by the NASE, congressional champions and staff, and our coalition partners to emphasize how important HRAs are to the small business community.

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