September 2016

  • The Benefits Of Buying A Business

    Sep 29, 2016

    Buying a business provides a tremendous money making opportunity because it combines six factors that make it far superior to any other form of investment. These six factors are: - Appreciation - Leverage - Depreciation - Amortization - Conversion - Cash Flow Let us analyze each of these from the view of the business owner.

  • Extended Tax Return

    Sep 29, 2016

    Q: I am working on filing my extended tax return that is due in October and I discovered a number of payments that I did not include on last year’s tax return. Can I just include those on the next year’s return or have I lost the benefit of those items? A: The easy answer is ‘No’ to both questions. It would not be appropriate to include payments made in a prior year on the current year’s income tax return, but the good news is that does not mean you have lost the benefit.

  • Dependent Scholarship Recipients

    Sep 29, 2016

    It’s September and with the changing of the season comes the beginning of a new school year. It also means that we have handed out scholarships again for the 27th year in a row. Members from across the country work with their dependents to fill out applications early in the year. The applications are then carefully and thoroughly reviewed with winners being notified over the summer in preparation of the Fall semester.

  • Clinton Releases Small Business Plan

    Sep 29, 2016

    The NASE supports a simplified tax code which is always better for the long-term survival of small businesses. Secretary Clinton’s focus on both a standard business deduction and access to health care are two essential tools for the small business community. Offering health care benefits to employees is on point: in fact, we support this in conjunction with the flexibility of Health Reimbursement Arrangements in order to ensure small business stability and health of both their employees and businesses.

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