NASE Survey Results

Topics that Are Important to Small-Business Owners

Here’s a snapshot of how micro-business owners feel about the hot topics of the day.

  • How Should We Reform the Tax System? (March 2009)

    Apr 01, 2009

    Taxes have long been a source of frustration for the self-employed. With April 15th looming, a spotlight is shined on the need for reforming our federal tax system. The National Association for the Self-Employed has long supported tax simplification and tax fairness for micro-businesses.

  • Have You Ever Gone Without Health Insurance? (Feb 2009)

    Mar 01, 2009

    Currently, 46 million Americans have no health insurance, with 60 percent of uninsured Americans representing owners, employees or dependents of those working in small business. With the economy continuing to decline, micro-business owners like you are making tough choices about how to keep their business afloat. Some are dropping health coverage due to the added cost burden.

  • Should Federal Small Business Programs be a Priority in the new Obama Administration? (Jan 2009)

    Jan 31, 2009

    The NASE has long been a fervent supporter of federal small-business programs that have a proven track record of efficiently aiding the self-employed and micro-businesses, such as the SBA Office of Advocacy, the Small Business Development Centers, and SCORE. With a new administration about to take office, there is opportunity to improve and expand current small business federal programs.

  • How Do You Handle Tough Economic Times? (Nov 2008)

    Nov 30, 2008

    As the economic crisis facing our nation and the world continues to deepen, the self-employed and micro-business owners will have to make tough decisions regarding the operation of their business.

  • The Bailout of our Economy (Oct 2008)

    Oct 31, 2008

    With the collapse of Wall Street and America’s financial services sector, the outlook for our economy is as grim as ever. Big questions loom regarding who is to blame and what actions, if any, should be taken. One thing is for certain, the ripple effect of this financial collapse will be felt by all and any bailout will affect all taxpayers, especially small business.

  • What advocacy issues should NASE focus on in 2009? (July 2008)

    Jul 31, 2008

    With the upcoming elections in November, the NASE is beginning to prepare for a new Congress and a new White House in 2009. We want to hit the ground running to make certain that policymakers are aware of the difficulties faced by the self-employed and micro-business owners. To ensure that the NASE prioritizes the issues important to your business, we need to hear from you about your top concerns.

  • How are energy costs affecting your business? (June 2008)

    Jun 02, 2008

    The high price of energy has become a hot topic both on the news and here in Washington, DC. As a consumer you are experiencing the affects of these high costs at the gas pump.

  • Do You Have a Home Office? (May 2008)

    Jun 01, 2008

    More and more self-employed business owners are working out of their home. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, home-based businesses represent 52 percent of all firms.

  • How Often Do You Use Credit Cards? (April 2008)

    May 01, 2008

    As a micro-business owner, your cash flow plays an essential role in your ability to address the changing and growing needs of your business.

  • How is the Housing Crisis Affecting You? (March 2008)

    Apr 01, 2008

    You can’t turn on the news or read a paper lately without hearing about the housing and mortgage crisis that is sweeping our country.