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Save up to $60 off business formation services and discounts on DBA filings and business license application packages.

BizFilings professionally forms corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), and nonprofits faster than anyone else. BizFilings is committed to helping entrepreneurs and small-business owners learn about incorporation and its benefits, as well as helping them easily and affordably undertake this important business step without sacrificing quality.

BizFilings services include:

Incorporation Services
Incorporating or forming a limited liability company (LLC) allows small-business owners to protect their personal assets, establish credibility for their business and qualifies them to receive certain tax benefits. BizFilings makes it easy for small-business owners and entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level.

  • Corporation and LLC filings in all 50 states faster than anyone else
  • Over 150,000 small-business owners have used BizFilings
  • BizFilings formation services are guaranteed for the lifetime of your company
  • 24/7 access to your account online
  • Three formation packages from which to choose, and NASE Members receive the following discounts: $60 off Complete Formation orders, $40 off Standard Formation orders and $20 off Basic Formation orders in any state.

Doing Business As (DBA) Registration
If you intend to transact business using a name other than the legal name of a company, you need to register for a doing business as (DBA) name, which is sometimes also called a fictitious name.

For sole proprietorships, the legal name of the business is the owner’s name. By filing for a DBA, you can transact business under a name such as Jack’s Lawn Care instead of Jack Smith. Corporations and LLCs may also wish to file for a DBA in order to transact business using a name other than the name on record with their state of formation, for example if they are launching a new service or wish to utilize a website name instead of a formal business name.

BizFilings’ can prepare and file the necessary DBA applications for you in any jurisdiction in any state. List price of BizFilings’ DBA filing service is $110 + county/state filing fees. NASE Members receive a discount of 15% off any DBA order.

Business License Application Package
Business Licenses and permits are mandatory for most businesses; however, learning what is required for your particular business and physical location isn’t always that easy.

With BizFilings’ Business License Application Package, we research the necessary state and local licenses and permits for your particular type of business and location. We provide the necessary applications for you to obtain the required licenses and permits along with instructions on how to complete and where to submit the applications.

For a list price of $99, we will research the requirements for your business based on a physical location in one city within one county within one state. Certain industries require additional permits, and additional add-ons may apply. NASE Members receive a discount of 10% off this service.


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