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Small Biz Links Roundup

Feb 20, 2009

Posted by Kristin Oberlander - Here is a compilation of some my favorite small business articles this week. Enjoy!

  • Engineers discovered that truck flaps can be a major source of drag. Simply trimming and tapering the flaps will cut about $400 from a typical truck's annual gas bill. (Fortune Small Business)
  • Fraud can be so undetectable that small business owners chalk up lost income to falling sales. (Wall Street Journal)
  • This week I almost ran out of a coffee shop to give a frustrated customer my giftcard for the place because they hadn't been served well. The store's mistake and I wanted to pay for it? Yep. (Small Biz Survival)
  • Can entrepreneurs revive the Rust Belt? (BusinessWeek)
  • How Tweet It Is: How-to use Twitter to reach out to potential clients and build your brand. (Wash Post Sm Biz)
  • 2009: Keep more cash! (CNN)

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