CEA Reports that Health Reform Will Help Small Business [Commentary]

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CEA Reports that Health Reform Will Help Small Business [Commentary]

Jul 31, 2009

Posted by Kristie Arslan - The Council of Economic Advisors for the Obama Administration recently released a report indicating that health reform will help small business.  While we certainly appreciate the Administration focusing on the needs of small business, the results are not exactly groundbreaking or new. 

The Administration has been playing the role of publicist, trying to make the case to the media and public that reform is essential and must be done now.  Yet, they have taken a back seat on the creation of health reform legislation, leaving Congress to do the heavy lifting on pulling together a health reform package.  Unfortunately, partisanship has been rearing its ugly head on Capitol Hill, making it difficult for a compromise to occur.  I encourage the President and those in the Administration's Office of Health Reform to dig in and get their hands dirty to help Congress broker a compromise on health reform that we can all get behind.

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