NASE Member Receives $20,000 Award For Business Growth

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NASE Member Receives $20,000 Award For Business Growth

May 26, 2010

Posted by Maureen Petron -- Meet Doug. 

He’s an NASE Member just like you. He runs a gymnastics center in Maine. He took advantage of an NASE benefit and applied for a business development grant.

And he received one: $4,193 to purchase equipment.

That’s where Doug’s story becomes extraordinary.

Doug didn’t buy just any equipment. He purchased men’s training equipment. He felt he needed to introduce the sport to more boys in his community. And, based on his current client demographics, he knew that men’s gymnastics was an untapped market that could bring in a steady source of revenue.

Doug’s grant was part of the more than $450,000 in grants given by the NASE in the last four years in response to members’ needs for access to capital. Members have done incredible things with that grant money, including starting Web sites; building trailers and greenhouses and exhibit booths; hiring help; printing marketing materials; and purchasing cameras, software, furniture and more. The NASE applauds each and every one of them for growing their business.

With the $4,000 grant, Doug purchased a second set of rings, a miniature pommel horse, a second high bar as well as training aids for the pommel horse and parallel bars. That smart planning increased the center’s enrollment of male gymnasts by 10% in just a few months – a new and continuous source of income for his business.

The tremendous impact Doug made on his business with the small grant prompted the NASE to select him out of 19 other grant recipients for a further financial award of $20,000. The NASE believes in his mission, his support of healthy lifestyles for children, and his business savvy, and that's why Doug Springer is the 2010 NASE Achievement Award recipient.

I’ll get to meet Doug personally in a month to present him with the $20,000 check, to see first-hand how his grant was put to use, and to hear the plans he has for this additional award – including purchasing mobile equipment he can take to schools and fairs and expanding his hospitality room for larger birthday parties. If you’re in Ellsworth, Maine, on June 24th, stop by Springers Gymnastics Center and offer Doug your congratulations.

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