Search Result Pick-Me-Up?

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Search Result Pick-Me-Up?

Jun 15, 2010
Posted by Molly Nelson - Have that cup of coffee in hand? Google does, too, after a recent update to its search-indexing algorithm. CIK Marketing clearly explains what the "Caffeine" update means for those of us who aren't the most SEO-savvy.

According to CIK, the Caffeine update, "means that Google now has the capability to find and display new content published to the Internet within seconds. Be it a blog post, news column, or wiki update, Google will find it faster, and thus so will you."

To make the most of Google's update, CIK suggests that small businesses focus on traditional search engine optimization techniques, but to also make regular and timely website updates (like blog posts).

[Google’s “Caffeine” Update Has Arrived]

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