President, Congress Ready For State Of The Union

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President, Congress Ready For State Of The Union

Jan 20, 2011

Posted by Kristin Oberlander - The state of the union is set for Jan. 25. It is being watched for signs of how much President Obama is willing to work with Republicans on a variety of issues, but chiefly on economic policy and on policies to reduce national debt.  The speech will set the agenda and tone for the rest of 2011 as the White House and Congress focus on what both say is their primary goal: job creation. The NASE would like to see the president touch upon what can be done to help the self-employed continue to build their businesses efficently and without the onerous red tape of the 1099 increased information reporting.

As is customary, the President's budget is expected in early February.

The NASE will watch the speech and keep you informed about any small business matters mentioned therein.

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