Nearly 50% Of Small Business Leaders Don't Use Social Media

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Nearly 50% Of Small Business Leaders Don't Use Social Media

Aug 24, 2011

Posted by Sung Yoo - A recent survey of US small business leaders and their social media usage found that many weren’t using these important channels to promote their businesses and products. Only 12% of businesses described social media promotion as a must and nearly 50% of respondents aren’t using social media at all.

The findings included:

 - 47% of respondents indicated they did not use social media for business purposes at all

For those that did use social media for their business:

- 19% are using Facebook
- 15% are using LinkedIn
- 4% are using Twitter

The businesses using social media also ranked the most important channels they used to grow and expand their business:

- 28% selected a company Facebook page
- 18% selected a company page / group on LinkedIn
- 8% indicated a company blog had helped them the most

When all respondents were asked about how they felt about using social media for their business:

- 12% describe it as a must, they do it all the time
- 24% do it when they have the time
- 14% indicated they don’t know enough about it

In a previous blog post, I asked whether social media is worth it for the self-employed. The short answer: It may be if you are able to offer something of value to your customers. I also like to tell people: Be authentic. This is your chance to be someone beyond the business card - take advantage of it.

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