Is your business in the Cloud?

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Is your business in the Cloud?

Nov 10, 2011

Posted by Molly Nelson - It may surprise you to know that if you use tools like Gmail, Facebook or Twitter for your business, you're already in the Cloud. The basic concept of the Cloud (and cloud computing) is that users can store and access information and software on third-party servers instead of the actual computer (or mobile device) in front of them. Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services allow users to "rent" the programs and computing power they need at a given time, allowing companies to - for example - run complex programs, scenarios or large datasets on multiple computers for a very small fraction of what it would cost a company to purchase the computers and software needed to perform these functions in house.

Businessweek has a nice introduction to the Cloud and the various players providing cloud services. Also check out Small Business Trends' article on why small businesses love (or should love) the Cloud.  

Speaking of the Cloud, Google + is now available for businesses and OPEN Forum has tips on changing your Twitter handle without losing your followers

Have you used cloud computing services? Have services available through the Cloud helped you start your business and/or run your business more efficiently? Tell us in the comments!

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