SBA launches new online tool to aid the self-employed

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SBA launches new online tool to aid the self-employed

Feb 07, 2013

As we know, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was no small piece of legislation and it is going to impact our lives in a large way.  As with many new and large changes to the law, we here at the NASE know it can be confusing and tricky as you try and figure out what is best for your family and your business.  Luckily, the Small Business Administration knows that also and has created a new online tool to help with the process of finding the best health care options for you.

Additionally, the site provides a good overview of the ACA from the point of view of a small-business owner.  They also dedicated a section of the website specifically to how the self-employed are affected by the ACA.

We encourage you to check back often to the site as it is being updated with information as the government publishes its regulations.  Another good resource for you is the NASE’s own Business Learning Center’s Health section.

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