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How to Minimize Business Disruption During a Pandemic

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Disease outbreaks are becoming more frequent, so every company must take extra precautions to protect its employees and customers and to reduce the amount of disruption a business may face. If they don’t, then the business could fail, and many employees and customers could be at a significant loss. Today, we will be taking a look at the best way to minimize business disruption during a pandemic.

Make an Alternative Business Plan
Every business should have a plan in place to succeed. During a pandemic, you should review your original business plan and create a temporary alternative to ensure you can remain as productive as possible. You should improve the flexibility of your workplace and should consider the best ways to minimize the spread of the disease. For example, if the disease is spread from person to person, you could allow your employees to work from home or improve the cleanliness of the workplace.

Create a Communication Strategy
Keep your employees, customers, partners, and vendors as informed as you possibly can during the pandemic. In order to provide them with the best information and to ensure you are carrying out the right procedures and precautions, you should keep yourself up to date with the latest information about the pandemic. Reliable resources should be used to do this. Encourage your team to speak to you about any concerns or symptoms and don’t make them feel bad if they contract the illness.

Educate Employees and Customers
When your employees are well educated about how to protect themselves and others and the ways to reduce spreading the diseases, your business will run smoother during the pandemic due to fewer customers contracting the illness and fewer employees going off sick. Reminders should be visible to employees and customers within your store or office, and they should be able to access methods of prevention at all times. For example, hand sanitizer and handwashing stations should be readily available.

Contact Local Hospitals and Officials
Getting in touch with your local hospital and speaking to the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator will help you understand the resources that you and your employees should use during this time. They will also help you put an emergency plan into place. You should even speak to the Department of Health in your region. They can get you in touch with the Infectious and Emerging Diseases department for more advice and information.

Provide Your Business with Protection
During a pandemic, your business could be at risk of losing money, especially if you need to be away from your primary business location. This makes business insurance from The Hartford even more critical during this time. They may not be able to protect you from the pandemic, but they can protect you against other costs and damages that would result in your being out of pocket. You can get excellent business insurance coverage in minutes, and it is easy to get a quote.

The efficiency of our businesses are currently better than ever. This is due to our workplaces being extremely collaborative and connected. Although this mobility is brilliant for success, it can also increase many risks, especially during a global pandemic, so make sure you are prepared beforehand.


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