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Web Site Traffic

Nov 13, 2009
Q: I get good marketing results for my brick-and-mortar business, but how can I drive business to my Web site?

A: Marketing your Web site isn’t much different than marketing your brick-and-mortar business. It’s about motivating customers to visit the Web site.

While driving people to your Web site is key, you have to give them a reason to shop and buy once they are there. So, before you spend time and money figuring out how to drive people to the site, make sure you have a site that creates buying motivation. Take a look at your competitors for ideas on what to do and what not to do. And work with a Web developer who can help you create a site with a strong marketing and sales message.

Next, concentrate on developing a plan to attract viewers. You need to create a marketing plan to reach your targeted customers and associate every aspect of your business with the Web site.

Consider using a professional to optimize your Web site on search engines. Optimization is a specialized area and takes constant updating by someone with expertise in Web site placement. You’ll also need input from all your customers to find out what they like, what they dislike and how they rate your site against competitors’ sites.

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