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Targeting Big Business

Nov 20, 2009
Q: I’m an entrepreneur who provides online marketing services to small businesses. My plan is to take this to the next level and target large corporations. How do I reach major players like Trump and Disney?

A: The challenge is to figure out how to get ahead of the throngs of others trying to do business with the likes of Trump and Disney.

If you don’t have contacts that can get you inside, you’ll need to get in front of a few underlings and work your way up the ladder to key decision makers. This approach means learning everything you can about the infrastructure of your target company. Look for a couple areas where your services can enhance their products.

For example if you want to target Trump University, get your hands on everything that it produces in print or electronically. Then look for something you can offer that will enhance what it already has. Identify the operations people and contact them to find out how you can present a proposal.

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