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Home Business Regulations

Dec 02, 2009
Q: I’m a hairdresser working in a salon, but want to start working out of my home. What regulations do I need to be aware of?

A: To determine if you can legally operate a salon in your home, you need to address several issues.

First check the zoning regulations in your city. You want to find out if operating a cosmetology business from your home is allowed. If it’s allowed, you want to determine if there are any restrictions, such as limited customer traffic.

If you live in a development with a homeowners’ association, also check the association’s rules for operating a home business.

Be sure to check the business section of your state’s Web site to determine what state requirements apply to operating a salon, such as being bonded or registering with the state.

Also contact your county health department about its rules. You may have to meet certain sanitation requirements or be required to have a dedicated room with specific equipment.

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