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LLC Name Change

Dec 30, 2009
Q: We want to change the name of our limited liability company. Can we do it ourselves without having to pay an attorney?

A: Changing the name of a limited liability company (LLC) isn’t complicated and in most cases can be done without the help of an attorney.

First, go to the secretary of state office in the state where the LLC was formed. The corporate filings section at your secretary of state Web site will tell you what steps you must take to file a name change for your LLC.

After you understand what steps must be taken, you can decide whether you’re comfortable handling it yourself. If not, you can work with an attorney or use one of the Internet incorporation services.

Once the name change is filed and you have received confirmation, you will need to contact any state or local bureaus where you have licenses, either professional or business, and tell them about the LLC name change. You also need to notify your bank, clients, vendors, the IRS and any entities with which you have contractual agreements.

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