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Go by the Book to Get the Most Out of Your Employees!

Jun 29, 2010

While small businesses are still trying to come back from the economic downturn, many are starting to see some improvement, even to the point of hiring employees.


That’s a nice improvement compared to the last two years when NASE ShopTalk consultants were fielding lots of calls from members on how to downsize their work force. And after talking with hundreds of business owners in that position one thing was really clear ... many employers didn’t know what they could and could not do as required by law. Things like how to deal with state regulations and what they had to pay employees. Or, how to motivate employees to be more productive and efficient in to get more work done by fewer employees.


While helping members find the answer to getting the most out of employees one common denominator ShopTalk consultants found was that small businesses did not have a written company policy guide.


To clear up a general misconception ... company policy guides are not just for the big guys. Every business with employees is making a mistake if they don't have all their ducks in a row. A company policy guide does a lot more than establish general benefits like how employees are paid, when they qualify for vacation or holiday pay, insurance, and other benefits. Just as important are some of the less often thought about policies like laying out the rules that the company goes by, what happens if employees fall short of what the company expects from them, confidentiality of company information, company rules, policies on tardiness, termination policies, and a host of others. Whether you have one employee or a hundred, a good company policy guide is a management tool that will make a business more efficient and more profitable.


The most common reason in the past small business owners used for not have a company manual was because they didn’t know how to write one or what should be included. That is an excuse that doesn’t work any more. Putting together a good company policy is as simple as loading a software program or template on your computer and spending a few hours massaging information to fit your business. A Google search for employee handbook or company policy manual will get you access to numerous plans that you can download.


For any business with employees a company policy manual is a great management tool to help you manage your employees more successfully which also means more profits in your pocket ... and isn't that what it's all about?

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