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TaxTalk Postcard - Salem, MA

Mar 02, 2010

Tackling the very first tax seminar of 2010

Tackling our first tax seminar of 2010 in Salem, Oregon

I love tax season because I enjoy getting out to talk to self-employed business owners about what they do. Unfortunately, I also have a bit of a reputation around the office for cutting it close when it comes to arriving at the airport. I almost didn’t make the flight on Monday morning due to multiple accidents on the freeway in my hometown of Dallas. After I got through security, I ran to the gate and got directly on the plane. Let's just say it's a good thing that I am reasonably fit because that was a workout!

We ate at Finz on Monday night in downtown Salem. It was out of this world. Maureen Petron is our Executive Director of Communications (and creator of the seminars). She and I both insisted we had ordered the better dish but, truth be told, I think we both chose well.

The next morning arrived and we were ready to kick off our very first tax seminar of 2010. Salem is known far and wide for its witch trials, and the tourism industry depends on that. That night was a full moon, and I must have heard at least five people at registration on separate occasions saying, “well, yeah, of course something like that happened… last night was a full moon after all…”

One particularly good question I got at the seminar involved tax ID numbers. One business owner asked if it was necessary to open a business bank account. The technical answer is no. You don’t need an Employer ID Number (EIN) unless you have employees. Your tax identification number – if you don’t have an EIN – is just your social security number. However, you might consider getting an EIN. Otherwise, all your paperwork will have your social security number floating around on it.