From The President: Green Shoots


From The President: Green Shoots

Amid all the doom and gloom recited about the slumping economy, some people recently started talking about seeing green shoots. What they meant was that they were seeing the beginnings of recovery and growth in the tattered economy.

Many folks dismiss such words as happy talk. They believe that the economy remains in the doldrums and is months, if not years, away from experiencing any real renewal.

But guess what? Entrepreneurs aren’t waiting around to see who’s right. They’re looking for positive signs and finding ways to make their businesses grow no matter what.

You’ll see examples of that mindset throughout this issue of Self-Employed.

In our cover article on Page 16, your fellow NASE Members offer some real-world advice that will prove valuable to business owners who are just starting out or to those ready for a growth spurt.

Small retailers who are facing tough times are also finding ways to thrive. When a big anchor store that once attracted customers closes, the small retailers who remain in the shopping center often suffer. But savvy shop owners are taking action to grow sales. Find out how in the story on Page 20.

Even young entrepreneurs just heading to college are searching for their own green shoots. Take Joseph Pielago, for example. He’s the recipient of the NASE Future Entrepreneur scholarship award this year. And this young man is already well on his way to establishing a successful clothing business.

Entrepreneurs aren’t alone in looking on the bright side. The NASE has introduced two new membership packages with even more money-saving benefits because we know you’re in business for the long haul. You can read about the new packages on Page 25.

So, keep your eyes open while you’re hard at work building your business. Chances are, you’ll see some green shoots around you as the economy begins to improve.


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