From The President: Time For Action


From The President: Time For Action

This year is flying by. Already it’s time for business owners to think about taxes. And to plan for retirement. And to ramp up their marketing.

There’s a lot to get done this time of year. This issue of Self-Employed will help you narrow down your to-do list.

Let’s start with the most pressing issue—taxes. We’ve rounded up an armload of resources to help you navigate your tax forms and filing deadlines. Plus, we’ve introduced a handy, new iPhone application to make tracking, calculating and reporting your business mileage easier. Check it out on Page 24. You’ll love it.

And mark your calendars for the return of the popular NASE tax seminars. We’ve scheduled 16 of them nationwide so we can reach as many members as possible. On Page 24 you can find one coming to your area. Register today.

Add retirement planning to your to-do list, too, because some rules recently changed. Starting this year, many micro-business owners will have the opportunity to take advantage of a Roth IRA. Get all of the details on Page 10.

Another item for your action list—holiday planning! Retailers should act now if they want to get their products featured in holiday gift guides. The guides can be big revenue boosters at year-end. But as our article on Page 8 shows, you’ve got to pitch your products in the spring if you want to sell them in the fall.

Marketing is a year-round action item, especially in this economy. Now more than ever you’ve got to differentiate yourself from your competitors. In our cover article on Page 16, NASE Members talk about what you can do today to create a lasting impression on customers.

Finally, get your college-bound dependent working on the NASE scholarship application.

The deadline is approaching, and you can get all of the details at our Web site.

Don’t procrastinate. Start working on your to-do list today if you want to enjoy success in the months ahead.


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