From The President: Decisions, Decisions


From The President: Decisions, Decisions

As a business owner, you’re faced with decisions every day. Little ones. Big ones. Some more important than others.

But each decision contributes to the success of your business.

We understand the vital role of decision-making. And at the NASE, we want to give you resources and tools to help you make the best decisions for your micro-business. That’s what this issue of Self-Employed is all about.

Start by checking out the new NASE Water Cooler social network. The network can connect you with other NASE Members who face many of the same decisions you do. At the NASE Water Cooler you can share ideas and discuss business strategies. It’s free and designed exclusively for NASE Members. Get more Water Cooler details on Page 24.

Don’t miss this issue’s cover article about taking your business to the next level. NASE Members talk about decisions they’ve made that have moved their companies forward. The article starts on Page 16.

Need help brainstorming and evaluating new ideas before making decisions? Then a team of student consultants might be the right solution for you. Turn to Page 8 to find out how these college-educated consultants could benefit your business—for free.

As a self-employed person, you’re responsible not only for decisions that affect you today, but also for decisions that will impact your life in the future. I’m talking about retirement decisions. Our article on Page 10 sorts out many of the resources you can use to make smart decisions about your golden years.

Of course, the NASE offers valuable benefits that can guide your decision-making in all areas of your business. On Page 6, we’ve outlined just a few. Take time to read about them. Then make the right decision to explore all of your money-saving benefits online at


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