NASE Member Profile: Multifamily Makeovers


NASE Member Profile: Multifamily Makeovers

Nicole Pulley has been an NASE Member for two years. She owns Interior Affairs in San Antonio, Texas. Her website is Follow her on Twitter: @InteriorAffairs.

Tell us about your business.

Interior Affairs is an interior decorating company specializing in decorating for the multifamily housing industry. Focusing on model units, clubrooms, leasing and business centers, offices, fitness centers and spas, we aim to beautify every interior aspect of an apartment community.

I began Interior Affairs in 2006 on a part-time basis while working as director of education for the San Antonio Apartment Association. With over 14 years of experience in the multifamily industry, I’m able to meet the unique needs of apartment owners and communities. In 2008 I left my position at the association to run my business full time.

What was a particularly challenging project you’ve worked on?

I got a contract to decorate a property in Granbury, Texas, which is about 250 miles from San Antonio. I had to make sure we had absolutely everything we needed to complete the project because we were traveling to an unfamiliar place. We drove four and a half hours, stayed in a hotel and completely decorated a clubroom, offices and a model apartment in three days!

How has the NASE helped your business?

The first thing I did when I joined the NASE was purchase health insurance. The NASE made it convenient and affordable. I was also able to save money by switching to a new carrier for my general contractor insurance policy through the NASE. But the greatest benefit I’ve received through the NASE was being awarded a Business Development Grant. Starting a new business with personal funds can be difficult. The grant allowed me to market, advertise and grow the company, and I was even featured on a local television show.

Does your business give back to the community?

Working with affordable housing properties and being involved in the community is important to me. I like to work with organizations that share my vision of providing quality housing to everyday working folks, while giving back to the communities which we serve. I look forward to being able to donate recreational and educational items to apartment communities I’ve decorated in under-privileged areas. This is another way Interior Affairs sets itself apart from the competition—by providing affordable decorating services to our clients and giving back locally.

What’s the greatest reward you get from your work?

I enjoy the seeing the transformations. I like walking into a space that is in dire need of updating and being able to bring it back to life. I can look at an old piece of furniture or a scrap piece of wood and visualize how I can update it and make it a thing of beauty. It’s easy to enhance something that is already nice, but to create something out of nothing is truly a labor of love for me.

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