NASE Member Profile: Swordplay


NASE Member Profile: Swordplay

Andrea Robertson has been an NASE Member since 2006. She owns Fight Call, LLC, in Phoenix, Ariz. Her website is

Tell us about Fight Call

Fight Call offers professional stage combat education and fight direction for individuals, educational institutions, theatres and filmmakers. I started the business because of my passion for stage combat. I wanted to have the chance to earn a living doing what I loved.

I educate actors in the art of stage combat, teaching them safe and effective techniques to use in violent scenes in plays and movies. I’m also involved in the planning and direction of staged violence in a play or movie; I offer staging and acting coaching, as well as advice on set design, costumes and props to create a comprehensive and entertaining story for the audience from the characters’ actions. Finally, I assist with the rental of safe theatrical weapons for the actors to use.

Do you have a favorite production you’ve worked on?

I had the chance to do Romeo and Juliet recently and had a lot of fun with that. Any time I can work with actors that have taken my class or have a little more experience, it makes the work that much better.

How has your NASE membership helped your business?

I love reading about other members’ businesses in Self-Employed magazine. I also received a Business Development Grant last year. This incredible benefit allowed me to become a certified teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors, the largest stage combat organization in the world.

What’s the greatest reward you get from your work?

I love getting the chance to work with a lot of different people and do all kinds of shows. It’s wonderful when students get excited about learning different techniques, and it is always rewarding to see that my work has helped make a show great.

What’s the best business advice you can offer fellow NASE Members?

Don’t give up. Do whatever you can to live your dream.

What is your favorite type of stage weapon to teach?

While I love all weapons, my favorites are the smallsword and what is classified as the single sword. While the smallsword is a light, quick sword used in the style of the formal Restoration duel, it is deceptively vicious. The single sword has its own flamboyant style, and is perfect for swashbuckling fight scenes, like those in the moviesThe Princess Bride and Pirates of the Caribbean.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received from a customer?

I think being recommended to other people for new jobs is the best compliment, but being called on stage and getting bouquets of flowers from thankful directors and actors isn’t bad, either! And of course, going to see the finished productions and hearing the audiences’ reactions is what it’s all about. 

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