From The President: News Flash!


From The President: News Flash!

The NASE has two big announcements.

First, there’s a new tax deduction available for self-employed business owners. If you qualify for the write-off and want to take it, you better act fast.

Because of legislation passed last fall, many self-employed individuals will be allowed to take a one-year self-employment tax deduction for their health costs.

The deduction is only good for the 2010 tax year, meaning that you must take it when you complete your tax forms for 2010. Self-employed business owners must also meet certain requirements to be eligible for the deduction.

We’ve spelled out much of the fine print on Pages 20 and 21 of this issue. And we’ve tried to answer the most common questions we’ve heard from self-employed business owners. Even so, I encourage you to talk to your tax advisor about taking this tax deduction. It could save you money.

My second announcement is more personal: This will be our last issue of Self-Employed. Going forward, you’ll receive our monthly e-newsletter SelfInformed.

SelfInformed will arrive in your e-mail inbox instead of your physical mailbox. Be sure you log in at and update your profile so we have your correct e-mail address.

You don’t want to miss a single issue of SelfInformed.

It will feature the same accurate and original content you’ve come to expect from Self-Employed. It will also keep you up to date on the latest NASE resources you can use to build a stronger business. And SelfInformed will deliver timely news about legislative policies that affect your micro-business.

Self-Employed has been published by the NASE since the association’s earliest years. It grew from a tabloid publication into a full-color, 32-page magazine. And it contributed mightily to the success of our association as well as to the success of our members.

SelfInformed is the next step in the association’s growth. I’m excited about the change and I hope you will be, too.


Robert Hughes

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