NASE Asks House and Senate Leader to Protect Pre-Existing Conditions in Any Reform Efforts

The NASE, along with 100+ organization, has asked House and Senate leaders to protect pre-existing conditions in any ACA reform efforts. The letter states:

"As Congress moves forward with efforts to repeal, modify or replace the Affordable Care Act, we are encouraged by the recognition that protections for patients with pre-existing conditions should be retained. Prior to 2014, health insurance plans routinely denied coverage to individuals with a pre-existing health condition, charged higher premiums and refused to cover expenses related to their health condition. Individuals who were diagnosed with a serious illness often found their coverage rescinded. These were not unique or unusual occurrences. More than half of non-elderly Americans have conditions that would have precluded them from health insurance coverage under the pre-existing condition and medical underwriting rules that existed in most states."

The NASE fundamentally believes that any reform efforts must protect the most vulnerable of populations, including those who have pre-existing conditions. 

Coalition Letter to Senate Leadership on Pre-Existing Conditions