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Cameron Brown

Sr. Website Developer (Full Stack) / Information Technology Manager

Cameron Brown
As a Website Developer and Information Technology Manager, I am responsible and accountable for the smooth running of our computer systems, company websites and related software within the limits of requirements, specifications, costs and timelines. I supervise the implementation and maintenance of our company’s computing needs.

In addition to my role as the Website Developer and IT Manager, I also function as a In-House SEO Specialist. As such, I help the NASE with a more hands-on, responsive approach to SEO.

When I’m not working in IT I can be found trying to run my own small business, helping others with theirs, volunteering with the family at church all while answering as many NASE Member IT Expert questions as I can.

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Setting Up Your Own Website

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Website Audit

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Effective Communication through your website

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SEO and Organic Search Results

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Back up and recover important business data!

What would it cost you if you lost everything on your computer?
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