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National Association for the Self-Employed Offers Outlook for America’s Small Business Community in 2015

From Tax Reform to Health Care, NASE Calls on Congress to Work Together to “Find Common Ground” on Small Business Issues Fueling America’s Economy

– As we approach the start of the New Year, the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE), the nation’s leading advocate and resource for the self-employed and micro-business community, today offers its prognosis for the small business community in 2015.

“The recent midterm elections resulting in a Republican Congress and a White House looking towards its legacy may be an indication that real tax reform could be on the agenda in the coming year,” said Katie Vlietstra, Vice President for Government Relations and Public Affairs. “While the small business community welcomes this news, we do so cautiously as we expect any meaningful approach to tax reform must include both individual as well as corporate fixes to the tax code. With the success of the nation’s new health care law, we also look forward to working with Congress and the Administration on improving this law by ensuring its flexibility when it comes to more affordable health care plans and clarity of the rules for using Health Reimbursement Accounts.”

Vlietstra recently penned an op-ed for Roll Call outlining areas where Congress can find common ground when it comes to the small business community, including both tax reform and clarity on rules governing Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) reform. 


“The midterm elections mean a Republican majority with a vastly different congressional agenda. As many anticipate this new set of legislative priorities, there’s much discussion around the potential for a “grand bargain.” Polls have consistently shown Republican and Democratic voters overwhelmingly united on one key issue — growing America’s economy.

“There is no greater economic engine for our economy and job growth than the mom-and-pop businesses lining America’s Main Streets. From plumbers to consultants, the small-business community represents the heart of the middle class — and a prime area where Congress and the White House can work together to find common ground.”

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