NASE Welcomes the Choice of Isabel Guzman to Lead the Small Business Administration

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NASE Welcomes the Choice of Isabel Guzman to Lead the Small Business Administration

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, January 8, 2021
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Administrator Must Focus On Rebuilding America’s Small Business Community Ravaged By The Coronavirus Pandemic

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Keith Hall, president and CEO of the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE), the nation’s leading advocate and resource for the self-employed and micro-business community, today welcomed the announcement of Isabel Guzman as the Biden Administration’s Administrator-designee of the Small Business Administration (SBA), saying she will be charged with the “awesome task of rebuilding the small business community.”

“We welcome the nomination of Isabel Guzman to serve as the next administrator of the Small Business Administration. A true small business advocate, Ms. Guzman has both the experience and expertise having worked directly with small business owners from California to Washington, where she will be the point person for all small businesses around the country.

“Ms. Guzman will take the helm of the agency during one of the most critical times in our history as millions of small businesses continue to feel the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Countless small businesses have shut their doors, laid off employees, and had to curtail their services and/or products for their customers. Ms. Guzman will be charged with the tall task of rebuilding our nation’s small business community, including its ingenuity to its entrepreneurial spirit, from the ground-up. From financial relief in the form of new loans to enhanced loan forgiveness to elimination of burdensome regulations, she will have the awesome responsibility of shepherding our nation’s small businesses through its darkest days – and we have confidence in her ability to lead the agency and America’s small business community to the other side.

“As Americans turn to self-employment and small business ownership during the pandemic and beyond, it is critical for the SBA to lead in supporting this growing business demographic. In addition to direct financial support, it is imperative for the agency to promote access to capital, advocate for streamlined regulatory policies, further simplify the tax code, and invest in affordable health care options.

“NASE will continue to advocate for all of our nation’s small businesses – those who are struggling and when they are thriving. We look forward to partnering with Ms. Guzman at the Small Business Administration and entire Biden Administration to ensure our community prospers while being champions of a strong small business community that survives, grows, and expands!”


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