Tight Times

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Tight Times

There’s no question that the economy is in a slump. But that doesn’t mean your micro-business has to take a slide.

Entrepreneurs are at their best when tackling challenges. And their desire to succeed drives them to make wise business decisions, especially when the economy is teetering on recession.

Take the NASE Members in our cover article for example. On Page 12, they talk about some of the best financial decisions they made for their micro-businesses. You might be surprised at what has worked for them — and could work for you. Plus, the NASE online consultants offer timely financial advice for boosting your bottom line.

You can make smart financial decisions, too. Whether you’re looking to cut costs, increase revenue or save more money, this issue of Self-Employed will help.

If you run a retail business, don’t miss the article on Page 8 about how to thwart shoplifters that may be prowling your shop’s aisles. Stolen inventory means stolen revenue. Every micro-business should read the article on Page 10 about the potential of outdoor advertising to draw in new customers. After all, who doesn’t want more clients and more sales?

The article on Page 18 gives you crucial information about ways to not only survive an economic slowdown, but also thrive. See how management practices can improve your profits and give you a competitive edge even in the toughest times.

Top-notch business practices helped NASE Member Sheri Novak receive this year’s NASE Achievement Award worth $30,000. On Page 6, you can read about her business and see how the NASE award is helping her company grow.

We can help your business grow, too. Every time you use your NASE benefits, you save money — and money saved is money earned. Our latest research shows that Premier Members can save more than $15,000 a year just by using their NASE benefits. Turn to Page 5 to see a sampling of the ways you can save on taxes, health care, legal services and more.


Robert Hughes, President

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