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Fresh Ideas

Trying new ideas is a hallmark of entrepreneurs. From rolling out expanded services to experimenting with marketing campaigns, micro-business owners find success in testing out new ideas — even if those ideas fail.

Take NASE Member Beth Hawkins, for example. She tried a marketing idea that fell flat. It was a costly mistake, but she learned from it. Her next marketing idea was better and helped her business flourish. You can see how Hawkins fixed her marketing mistake – and get ideas of your own – read the article.

And you’ll find other articles in this issue of Self-Employed to help you spot new ideas.

Maybe you want to reduce your taxes this year. We’ve got ideas you can use here. Or maybe you want to improve employee productivity at your micro-business. Read the article for ways performance reviews can do just that.

Need ideas about how to get and stay motivated as a micro-business owner? NASE Members show you where to look for inspiration in our cover article.

Patrick Kaltenbach seems to never run out of inspiration or ideas. This young man was the recipient of the 2008 NASE Future Entrepreneur Scholarship. He’s more than simply an outstanding student. He’s also an Eagle Scout who came up with an idea to help our troops overseas and worked selflessly to make sure his plan became a reality. His story should inspire all of us.

Whether you’re just starting your business or have been self-employed for years, new ways of thinking can pave the way to success. Keep those ideas coming!


Robert Hughes, President

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