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From the President

Adapting To Change
The economy is shifting under our feet. Technology is speeding into the future. Tax regulations and travel rules are different today than they were yesterday.

How can a micro-business owner keep up? By adapting to the changes.

At the NASE, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the business climate so we can help you respond to new developments. That’s the focus of this issue of Self-Employed.

Any business owner trying to stay current on technology should read our cover article. You’ll learn how interactive features are becoming must-haves for Web sites. And if your micro-business depends on scheduling appointments with customers, be sure to read this article. New technology is offering solutions.

Of course, it’s tax time again. And to help you stay informed about new regulations, the NASE has launched an online Tax Resource Center. This Web site puts the latest tax information right at your fingertips. You can register for upcoming seminars, get instructions for completing Schedule C and much more. Read all about the site in this article.

Along with taxes comes an emphasis on business finances. The faltering economy is putting even more stress on already strapped micro-businesses. It’s hard to know what to do with the economic indicators changing every day. So, be sure to read our article about how to protect your working capital. And don’t miss the article about how to avoid financial mistakes.

We’ve even got an article for our frequent business travelers who need to know how to play by new rules being rolled out by the airlines. Reading this article could save you money and headaches.

Change is all around us. And since there’s no stopping it, we might as well learn to make the most of it for our micro-businesses. I think this issue of Self-Employed will help you do just that.  

Robert Hughes, President

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