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Fresh Ideas

These days micro-business owners are looking for opportunities—opportunities to reduce costs, attract new customers, build business relationships, influence business-friendly regulations, and more.

We hope this issue of Self-Employed will show you some opportunities that can help your micro-business succeed.

Start with the NASE Members featured in our cover article on Page 16. Each of these members received an NASE Business Development Grant last year and used the funds to improve their business. You have the opportunity to do the same this year by applying for a grant worth up to $5,000. Get all of the details on Page 16.

The online world seems to present new opportunities for micro-business owners every day.

For example, the NASE is offering you a new cost-free way to market your micro-business online. NASEPages lets you post your business profile online for all the world to see. Your profile can be viewed by members and nonmembers alike, and it will show up in online search results. Read more about this NASE benefit on Page 24.

Or take online review sites for instance. They’re a valuable way to build good buzz about your business. Our article on Page 8 explains how you can use the sites to your advantage.

Our article about local politics on Page 12 shows you how to influence city-level regulations like zoning and road planning. Since issues like these are critically important to micro-business success, getting knowledgeable about local politics isn’t an opportunity you should pass up.

And of course everyone’s eyes are on the federal stimulus package. What’s in it to help micro-business owners? Find out on Page 26.

I hope this year is filled with new opportunities for your micro-business. And I hope you seize every one.

Robert Hughes, President

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