Budget Ideas From Small Firms (Wall Street Journal)

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Budget Ideas From Small Firms (Wall Street Journal)

By Emily Maltby

We’ve heard from the president, Rep. Paul Ryan and numerous politicians about how they’d cut the deficit. Now, what would small-business owners propose?

In a recent survey, about 500 business owners who are members of National Association for the Self-Employed – a lobbying group representing 200,000 of the country’s 22 million enterprises with fewer than 10 employees – voiced their opinions on the best ways to address the debt.

“If we cut even 10% of the defense budget, we could pay for many of our other programs!” wrote one anonymous survey respondent. “Also, if we overhaul the WAY that health care is delivered, rather than how we pay for it, we could make it much, much cheaper.”

“Tax laws should be simplified by eliminating the provisions that allow special groups to receive tax breaks, which is the best way to increase revenues,” wrote another.

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