Debunking One Size Fits All (Huffington Post)

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Debunking One Size Fits All (Huffington Post)

America's lawmakers are working frantically to craft a solution to the ballooning federal deficit and the rapidly approaching August 2 debt ceiling deadline. Tough decisions abound about whether to let the nation default on its debt, how to pay down the deficit if the debt ceiling is increased and whether certain tax cuts can be extended to help grow the economy.

Leaders from both parties are embroiled in the debt drama leaving taxpayers and the financial markets to wonder if there is any hope that Congress can balance our nation's books.

This exercise hits close to home for America's small business owners, who manage to balance their books each and every day. Their ability to invest in advertising or pay for health insurance is entirely dependent on what they have in the bank. Responsible business owners make tough decisions on a daily basis to ensure they stay in the black. So how come policymakers can't do the same and are not required to balance the federal budget?

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