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Washington Watch - October 12, 2011

Republican Debate Roundup

Last night, Bloomberg News and the Washington Post sponsored a Republican debate on the economy in Dartmouth, New Hampshire. Find out more about how it went last night by clicking on the links below:

NASE Calls For Self-Employment Initiative

Senate Debates American Jobs Act

Senate Democrats are weighing the option of splitting up President Obama's jobs bill into smaller bills, after the chamber failed to pass the package as is. 

The measure (S. 1660) would force votes on issues such as rebuilding schools and payroll tax cuts for workers and small businesses.

Senate Republicans lauded the strategy of breaking the bill down, claiming they prefer that approach.

The Senate voted down a motion to invoke cloture on the original bill, by a vote of 50-49. A total of 60 votes are required.

As the unemployment rate remains over 9 percent and the economy gives hints of slipping back into a recession, Congress and the Administration have been under pressure to take action.

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