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Member Spotlight: All Season Snow

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Chris Allen has been an NASE Member since 2005. He owns Twelve60 Enterprises LLC in Palmerton, Pa.

Tell us about your business.

Twelve60 Enterprises LLC is a terrain park specialty company made up of three subdivisions.

Park 1260 is an all-season terrain park open to skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities. The park has a turf (carpet)-based setup of two 90-foot runs and at least two features set up at any given time. The turf works great with a late fall snow as well as with water on a 90-degree summer day.

Twelve60 is our training division through which our nationally certified coaches offer year-round training.

1260 Designs is our terrain park and feature development division. We have many years of experience in design, development, fabrication, maintenance and management of resort on-mountain terrain parks.

How has the NASE helped your business?

The NASE provides valuable information and resources that help me with the business on a regular basis. It is also nice to feel like someone has your back as a small-business owner.

What obstacles have you faced in running your business?

I think we've faced the typical obstacles that any small business faces. Since we started Twelve60 from scratch, most issues are based on lack of financing. We have to figure out different ways of making the most out of what we have and putting as much as we can back into the business.

How do you market your business?

Right now we only use social networking to inform our followers of upcoming events. In the future as we expand, we will be looking at ads in magazines, on relevant websites, and at relevant regional shops.

What’s the best thing about owning your own business?

The best thing about owning my own business is the satisfaction of knowing that the success or failure of the business is in my hands, and that there’s no limit to the potential of the business or my part in it.

Any advice for your fellow NASE Members?

Follow your passion, do your research and learn from your mistakes. The NASE provides a ton of great information on dealing with common hurdles and roadblocks.

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Read this article in PDF form here.

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