Self-Employed Divided On Support for ACA

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Self-Employed Divided On Support for ACA

Affordability Questions Leave Self-Employed Concerned


July 2012

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s final ruling on the Affordable Care Act, the self-employed and micro-businesses are concerned as to the impact the law will have on their health care budgets when the law goes into full effect in 2014. Nearly 900 self-employed and micro-business owners responded to the survey released within hours of the Supreme Court ruling. With the law moving forward into the implementation stage, the self-employed are, once again, looking for more information from the federal government regarding issues of affordability and cost of care.

Business owners were divided on whether they supported the law or not, with half saying that they opposed the Affordable Care Act and half saying that they either fully or mainly support the law or liked some of the law but opposed other parts of the law.

When asked how acquainted respondents were, a staggering 71% had some familiarity with the health care law: just under half (44%) said they were generally familiar, 33% percent said they were very familiar, and 14% said they were extremely familiar. 

Overall, the majority of the respondents disagreed with the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the law, though 36% indicated that they agreed with it. In light of the ruling, 87% of the self-employed and micro-business owners believe that Congress should repeal the entire law, voicing concern that the law’s reforms measures do little to address the cost and affordability of purchasing and maintaining health insurance. 

In nod to November, two-thirds of all respondents said the Court’s decision and their viewpoint on health care reform (positive or negative) would influence who they vote for in November.

Read the full survey:  Supreme Court Health Care

Comments from this survey include the following:

  • “I don't think the reform does anything to cut health care costs.”
  • “At this time we do not have health care insurance because it’s so expensive. My hope is that with the new law there will be more options and cheaper rates so everyone has an opportunity to have health coverage.”
  • “Something has to be done to control the cost of health care and health insurance.”
  • “This opens the door to more government intervention in our personal and business lives.”
  • “I currently have a HSA with a high deductible health insurance plan (catastrophic care). My fear is that this will no longer be adequate as the new law is introduced and I will be forced to pay more for coverage I don't want.”
  • “I am in favor of the law and would like to see more done to make health care universally affordable and accessible.”
On behalf of the self-employed, the NASE will work aggressively to ensure that affordability and coverage requirement concerns are at the forefront of implementation. We believe continued efforts to enact further reforms will allow for the self-employed to utilize more tools to purchase and maintain affordable health care. Please review ourSupreme Court ruling FAQ to learn more about the NASE’s health care reform implementation priorities. 

The survey was available for NASE Members from Thursday, June 28 through Monday, July 3rd.  Nearly 900 small-business owners opted-in to the online survey and respondents were prohibited from taking it more than once.

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