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What Micro-Businesses Want from Washington (Central Valley Business Times)

In an interview with the Central Valley Business Times, NASE President and CEO Kristie Arslan discussed the self-employed agenda in 2013 and concrete steps that President Obama and Congress can do to help the nation's smallest business.

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What Micro-Businesses Want from Washington

President Barack Obama and the new Congress need to help the nation’s smallest businesses thrive, says Kristie Arslan, president and CEO of the National Association for the Self-Employed, which lobbies on behalf of the self-employed and micro-businesses. She says the president should take bold action by implementing a robust plan for America’s small business community.

“America’s smallest businesses – including the self-employed and micro-businesses – stand ready to move forward with a robust plan that supports new business growth and helps current business owners keep their doors open and expand. Our country needs supportive small business policies that bolster their ability to thrive in our slowly rebuilding economy,” she says.

“We not only need sound economic policies for existing small businesses, but also self-employment training assistance and micro-lending programs that can help foster new businesses,” says Ms. Arslan. “We must reinstate the self-employment tax deduction on health insurance, expand the Health Reimbursement Arrangements to allow self-employed business owners to receive the same benefits as employees, and urge states to implement Self-Employment Assistance programs as part of their job training and work requirements for unemployment benefits.”

Self-employed and microbusinesses make up the largest sector of American business, she says. “Out of all small businesses, 78 percent of them are self-employed. There are over 22 million self-employed Americans,” she points out.

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