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Member Spotlight: Lifelong Learner

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Elizabeth Power has been an NASE Member since 2004. She owns EPower & Associates, Inc., in Nashville, Tenn.

Tell us about your business.

We provide instructional design, development, delivery, and evaluation services as well as documenting applications and processes. My work in instructional design focuses on the “behind the scenes” work that increases the risk of your actually learning something—and maybe even enjoying it a little—as opposed to trying to learn something in a formal setting.  Sometimes people allow me to help them figure out if the problem they’re trying to fix will be solved by training; sometimes they tell me they’ve already figured that out.

When training or learning something is the right solution, or when people need guides for things like software, an instructional designer crafts the measurable objectives the training has to meet, gets approval, then generates the content needed, validates it, and based on the content and situation, decides on the instructional methods (lecture, simulation, case study, group discussion, and so on) to use. We produce the learner guides and the facilitator guides and any tests required to assess if the learning actually occurred—then test the work we have done and adjust it. There’s a lot of detailed work, mapping, and ensuring alignment to business needs, content, and testing. I’ve designed training in automotive manufacturing, finance, home health, even for an emu farmer—I really love to help people learn.

What NASE benefits have you used and how have they
helped your business? 

I’ve used a number of NASE benefits during my time as a member. The Ask the Experts program has helped me answer questions in the middle of the night and saved on professional services costs. The SelfInformed e-magazine helps me get new ideas. I’m also thinking of starting a not-for-profit organization, and the information in the Startup Kit has been useful.

What’s the best thing about owning your own business?

I can occasionally take a nap in the afternoon, or walk outside and tinker in the garden when I am in my home town. I can manage my own inner life and match my work pace to it, so that my self-care is often much higher than that of my colleagues who are employees. I get to work with exceptionally cool clients while doing some good here and there!

What advice would you offer to your fellow NASE Members?

Be persistent, and always keep going. Take care of yourself—put your oxygen mask on first—eat, rest, care for yourself well. If you’re missing a skill, find someone who has it. Be grateful—always give thanks for what you have. And keep learning and applying what you learn.  

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Read this article in PDF form here.

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